Tosh.0: What Boomer Is Up To Now


May 22, 2017 10:30 am

I'm at the Pittsburgh airport, about a half hour until boarding. I looked for Yellow Cab, and now it's modernized, adding Z-Trip and Uber-like cars to the fleet, all supported and dispatched by a tablet that sits in the car.

My driver had a Prius, a first time to be in that kind of car, and it was nice and smooth out to the airport, and cost $32. He was exactly on time at 9:30 am, but then I called about 2 hours early.

I got my tickets and am waiting up above the Boarding To All Flights sign. I got everything electronic with me, drawing stuff, pens, laptop.

12:07 pm, now half way through the flight from Pitt to Atlanta, the first leg of the journey. Since I had an expired license when going through the TSA, I had special screening to pass, was taken off to the side, with a check in my carry on bag and a pat down. I knew the license was expired and sent for the camera card last week, but couldn't get it in time.

4:05 pm

At the Atlanta airport, it's so big that I had to walk a long way and at first find out where I was supposed to go, having to look at a monitor to see which gate the plane would be at, then take a subway type car, something like at Pittsburgh. I had a janitor help me out. I made it in plenty of time, but wow, Atlanta airport is big!

My plane to LA is one of the real big ones, a 757. It has features like built-in tablet screens in the seats. They were showing ads for things like Coke, and I shut mine off later, after the safety instructions were played. The plane to Atlanta had the usual flight crew live demonstration.

I turned the screen back on later when I saw a map on someone else's of the US with a plane symbol on it and a line, yes, it's in flight GPS, right there, so you can see where you are! That's new and different.


I slept a little until we went into some turbulence over the Rockies and that woke me, then the snacks and drink wagon came out, and I had cookies with water. Good, it's been warm in the plane, even with the air blowing on me from the little nozzles.

Not too long until we get to LA, maybe 40 minutes or so, and good, I need to stretch my legs. I have to go to baggage and get my stuff and text my ride. Destination, Culver City.

One thing Taylor, a producer, asked was about Dr. Phil and how things went with him. Back then, Tosh filmed first, and Phil was 2 weeks later and I had to go back to California, I wonder if Tosh will ask about that.

6:00 pm local time, now I'm in the room. Got into LAX airport no problems, on a full plane from Atlanta. When the plane touched down, I turned on my phone, and Carly the producer had written back, saying Jackson would be picking me up. He texted that he was taking another actor to the hotel, and would be back to get me in 30 minutes, which was okay since it would take that long to get off the plane and get my bag.

I went to baggage for Delta to get Papey in the new case, everything looks good, with a TSA search ticket in the box as usual. Papey fit, but it's tighter and pushed down, but it's paper and it doesn't seem to be worse off, and the box was definitely easier to carry.

Jackson is a younger pup with the Tosh organization, with them for a couple of years, originally from Alabama. He has a Houndai (Hyundai) hybrid, so that makes two hybrid cars I've been in this weekend, hmm. I like how he's upbeat with a bright personality it seems he likes the concept of Furries a lot.. :) We barked about getting Tosh a Dog costume to be like his Dog. His little Doggie is Castro, a Havanese, and a regular on Tosh.0 too.

I found out that the two other actors for Tosh's Web Redemption Reunion are also here at the hotel, and we're all going to be picked up by Jackson tomorrow, so I get to meet others formerly on the show. I wonder what they have planned for us?


Here I am in room 625, at the Doubletree by Hilton, Culver City. I'm on the business table, with laptop, Boomer cards, pens and paper to write and draw with, and the Tosh Dog's drawing sitting up on its cardboard protector like an easel. I'd cut two pieces of cardboard out that are just a little bigger than the page, then used tape to make a hinged protector.


Here's a gift pack from Tosh for appearing on the show, it came in a gift bag


My Dog costume "Papey" in the tub in the hotel room


I got some pictures in the room of items sitting around, including Clifford's tote bag and photo of the Tosh Dog I drew.

Then I took cameras, with my Flip, outside around the hotel, to see the town a bit and explore.

I liked the interesting stairwell to go out back and explore.


I got to meet a German Shepherd pooch being walked out back in the culvert or delivery road. I didn't get his name, but he was a big bow wow!


Lots of interesting angles and things to see, the hotel being right next to a freeway.


The pool was closed to maintain, not a bad idea now since temperatures are in the mid-60s today. They have nice coy ponds, but no fish. I got a good number of shots around the place and a few videos.


After walking all around I came in and felt like food. Since it's the same hotel, the same bistro is still there. This time I had the steak and cheese sandwich, like a Philly steak, and fries, and the fries were done the old way, pure and square with no skins. I got the tea, asking for Pomegranate, but they had passion fruit, a more sour tasting fruit rather than sweet. With Heinz ketchup, they must have known I was from Pittsburgh.. :)


8:00 pm Local.

Believe it or not I forgot my comb, the one thing a Boomer Dog should have, and went to the desk and they had simple plastic combs there, just what I needed.

Tuesday 4:16 am local got up, though I'd really been awake, laying there and thinking about the show to come, meeting the other players in the web redemption reunion, and getting excited about presenting the picture I drew to Tosh. He's a Doodle, half Daniel and half Poodle.. :)


The day started early, got picked up at the hotel at 6:15 am, and we had a van to fit all of our stuff, since we were checked out of the hotel.

It was a day of filming and fun again, with a recap of where I've been and all new stuff with my art. We did an interview like last time, but on the couch instead of a Dog bed, but that's where all of interviewees were, because the stories became somewhat intertwined when we did the dinner scene skit together at the end.

Funny things happened at the dinner table, when Tosh's 'wife' threw down the burned dish of food, and it hit the table so hard it cracked the bottom of the wine glass. It almost made me laugh, something I wouldn't usually do in my Dog costume.

The other players were a music video producer, IceJJFish, who sings in an unusual way, and Downhill D Miller who body builds by biking hard and skiing with a camera attached to record it, as he talks about life, a fit dude, and a virgin.

Tosh downhill-D Miller

We had lunch in the green room, filled out some paperwork and just hung out there, and the other guys were really cool Youtube video makers.

The filming finished early in the afternoon, and then we packed up and left for LAX airport. Even at that time, the airport was busy, and the turnaround through it to drop passengers at their gates was jam packed, and Jackson was worried that we'd get to our planes on time.

Boarded, now I'm belted in, Clifford bag under the seat in front of me, heading for Chicago for the first lap home.


It's a 737, six seats wide, and the smoothest. After texting Jackson that I was seated and waiting to take off, I must have dozed when we were in a long taxi to the runway, and didn't even notice that the plane had taken off! That was a first, usually they're so noisy and accelerate fast and you can feel the speed, but somehow we were in the air before I knew what happened.

I was on Delta Airlines all the way out, and now going back it's American Airways with the smooth plane, it's even quieter, though some of that might be because I'm farther up near the front, right behind First Class, in row 8. They have TV screens that flap down above our heads every few sections. They have it so the TVs can fold themselves up into wells in the ceilings.

The in-flight movie was a nutty one called "Monster Trucks', about trucks, with monsters in them. The tentacle monsters make them drive, and have toothed faces, like an octopus, but this one is oil loving, like motor oil. There's some plot where an evil energy mogul is keeping the monsters in tanks and using them or developing more for some scheme, I don't know.

I guess if they can have a movie like Nine Lives, taking a common phrase and building a concept of it, then they can have a movie like Monster Trucks, sure they can. It's a B-movie for Mystery Science Theater of the future.

I took the taxi and got home after midnight, and with the time change it seemed like 3 hours later compared to there. Total flight time is about 5:45, but layovers and boarding times added to that. The good thing was I didn't have long layovers like the 2 hours I had on another filming trip, so it seemed fast.

Tosh's writers thoroughly scanned my website, and Tosh was mad that I didn't post about my last visit to his show, but that I did get Dr. Phil mentioned on here, so hopefully this blog makes up for it!

It was great again, such a cool place and experience to be part of, and it's not like old-time studios that you hear about. Dr. Phil was more traditional, Tosh is loose and fun, there's laughter on the set, and no sense of things being uptight, more of a crazy creative, upbeat team, like you hear about on the set of Star Wars, or Disney companies. It makes sense, Tosh features weird subjects and extreme videos, so you kind of have to be willing to see that every day and appreciate it to work with them.


Thanks to everyone who made this a great experience