Build date: Friday March 23, 2018 evening


I finally got to make my snow Dog for this season! I can be thankful for late March snow, and thinking back to other years, it seems like more of the heavy snows or blizzards happen in March, as if the winter is trying its last blast to hold on. It seems like it's been a consistently cold winter this time, with not a lot of snow that was good for making Dogs.

It's a shame too, I was hoping to enter my Dog in the local snowman contest, but that ended in mid-March.

People came by to take pictures

I keep going outside to look at my Dog, knowing it soon will melt. People pass by with compliments and to take pictures, and one guy parked up the street and walked down, saying he was waiting for me to make a snow Dog this year, and has seen other ones I've done.

I was out front Saturday afternoon, and a Dog named Angel came by. She's an English Bull Terrier, like a Spuds Dog, or Target Dog, like Bullseye. Her muzzle is so curved, almost like a bird's beak. She wouldn't give me her paw, and even her owner asked for it, and she didn't give it for her either. I think that's the first time I've met a Bull Terrier in-the-fur!

Saturday evening a guy and girl pulled over and asked me to take a picture of them posing with the Dog. I barked that I make a pup every year. The gal said she knew about my blog!

Rolling some snow balls, shoveling on snow, getting the shape


Click on pictures for a bigger view

Mostly done now, lava rock eyes and sponge nose added


Sidewalk front shot in the afternoon


A shot of the back now. One reason for the Dog laying down was that the snow was dense and heavy after a melt all day


Next morning, after temperatures dropped to 20 f. overnight


Snowy Dog in full sun again, Saturday morning


Looking right in the morning with the sun behind the Dog's head


Logo Dog backed by the morning sun


Darkness falls upon the Dog. Night pup with flood lamp, friday night again


It went pretty fast this year, the Dog just kind of came together. The temperatures are just right, around 40 f. when building, and dropping all night for the hard freeze.

Like Frosty, he'll be back again someday

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