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with Martha MacCallum

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Bill: I don't usually do these kinds of stories, but this caught my eye. In Pittsburgh, there's a guy, who thinks he's a Dog. Roll the tape.

Boomer: I saw the Shaggy DA with my dad and something just happened, when I saw this movie, with this dad who turns into a big Sheepdog, and he has to try to fight to get back to be Human, I don't know, something happened, and I became really connected with that idea..

Bill: You know what I think Martha, that's the mayor of Toronto. He just put on a little suit.

Martha: I don't think he would have ??? in that Dog suit. This guy Gary Mathews, who's 48, ... why in the heck are we doing this story? ... This is, he's part of a larger group, okay, there are people ... there are people, who think that they're animals, and a lot of them are techies, and he's one of them ... the classic profile of what's called a Furry, look at him, he's a Furry! They have conventions, they all get dressed up in their animal suits as their alter egos, and this is their social life. You go through life right, you go to work every day at Fox News, you think you have an understanding of what's going on in the world. When I saw this Dog, how did I get through life not knowing there was a Furry convention?

Bill: Wait, don't bring Fox News into this any more. ..and he actually eats Dog food he says, right?

Martha: Once in a while, he seems to like it once in a while, he wears a collar and ears fairly regularly.

Bill: He should be down in Greenwich Village in New York if he's wearing a collar and ears. ... I think this is a joke, I think the guy just wants attention, he knows he's going to get on the Factor if he dresses up like a Dog.

Martha: No, he is a serious Furry.

Bill: He is, he's serious?

Martha: There's a whole--

Bill: You and Hammer should interview him, tomorrow.

Martha: Well, you had him on for ...

Bill: I can't, I can't, I'm afraid of him.

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"You and Hammer should interview him, tomorrow"
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