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Favorite Dogs:

In the media:

Here's Boomer
Of course.. Boomer from Here's Boomer, my little earthtone colored puppy, where would I be without you..

Elwood, The Shaggy DA, big white and gray mop of a Dog, and when combined with dad Wilby through a transformation, he makes the most exciting anthro Dog character ever! His intensity in that movie is unbounded. He's the Dog, and this is the movie that gave me the concept of being a Dog, and got me thinking about the possibility that I was one, after seeing The Shaggy DA in my 11th year.

Lady and Tramp, Park Avenue Miss Lady and scruffy mongrel Tramp from the wrong side of the tracks. I love this movie and was really touched by it, seeing it over 4 weekends at the Cinemette South down the street. I went there every weekend to see it on the afternoon matinee, until it left the theater. It's a classic love story told from the Canine characters' perspective.

Clifford, the big red Dog from the book series. My first grade class read Clifford's book while sitting on the floor in a reading circle, and then each student got to take home a mini version of the same book, printed on a long sheet of paper that folded out. I loved that, to be a part of the reading experience, and then have something to keep and remember it by. Yay Scholastic for being that creative!

Benji, For The Love Of Benji and other movies. What can I bark, Benji is simply a legend among modern media mongrels, ever present. Starting on TV's Petticoat Junction in the late 1960s, and then going on to do movies, books, and a Saturday morning live action show, 'Benji, Zax and the Alien Prince', Benji's everywhere. My favorite movie is one of his lesser known, Oh Heavenly Dog, since it has a transformation element, where detective-Human Benjamin comes back from heaven changed into a Dog to solve his own murder.

Pongo, star of the 101 Dalmatians book and the animated Disney movie of the same name. I first saw the movie when I was about 6, and I just remembered little bits of it. Mom and me saw the movie again when I was 13, and I liked Doggie dad Pongo, and used his name for about 4 years, before switching to Boomer.

My pal Hot Dog Hot Dog, from the Archie's comics, and especially as portrayed on the late 1960s saturday morning cartoon, The Archie Show. The show was such a hit at the time that it could be seen on local stations for many years after its original run. Hot Dog is so cool, he is very smart, has a sarcastic comment for everything, shows many emotions, and gets googly eyes for his Poodle girlfriend.

Fly, from Babe, a black and white talking Border Collie. Babe was the first movie I saw that had real Border Collies in it, so I got to know the breed through the film, and Fly became my favorite, gentle and sweet compared to angry Rex. Babe was also the first CGI animated movie that impressed me with its high quality lip sync with the animal voices.

Barkley and Rowlf, from the muppet movies and Sesame Street. I saw brown Dog Rowlf on Sesame Street, when he would stick his head through the face of a clock, and turn around in a circle as he counted the numbers on the clock's face, and his long ears would flop back. Barkley was just an amazing character, and he'd steal the scene every time he was on camera. He was a really large Sheepdog who looked like he was made from rags, and he wasn't a muppet behind a performance wall or anything, it was like he was a real Dog. The first Barkley scene I remember was when he was laying there dreaming and kicking his legs, and so the Sesame Street crew got to talk about Dog dreams. My favorite Barkley moment was the closing credits of Sesame Street, several minutes of Barkley running around the park and playing hide and seek with his kid friends, and panting. I always wished I could see that without all of those annoying names scrolling across the video!

McGruff the Crime Dog, I first heard his deep gruff voice on my favorite radio station at the time, WAMO, where he told everyone how to take a bite out of crime, and barked how to do it. There was a McGruff costumed character that would go to events, and he was the first costumed character I wanted to hug. That was a new and different feeling for me at the time, since I'd always been afraid of Santa Claus and other big characters like that.

Bob Dog from Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, with his open face Dog costume. I can't bark that he's a true favorite, but I watched the show a lot and remember him well, holding his paws up and his big "boow woow!" bark.

Murray the Pointer, from Gaines Burgers Dog Food. Here was a costumed Dog character advertising his food in the sunday newspaper and holding a little toy version of himself. Murray was also in TV ads in the evenings as well. 2016 marks Murray's 30th anniversary, and here's a special tribute page I made for him! Murray's page

By breed:

Pyrenean Shepherd, like Here's Boomer, small-medium size shaggy herding breed from the Pyrenees mountains of France.

Old English Sheepdog, like Elwood from The Shaggy DA movie, or Chiffon from The Shaggy Dog. Intensely coated moptop Dogs, also called the Bobtail, because they regularly had their tails bobbed, or are born without a tail. I had an OES as a friend in junior high, I called him Mr. Sheepdog, yeah that's pretty imaginative, but then my cat was named Green Eyes.. :)

Border Collie, I like the long-coat style black and white Collies the most. Relatively new in my Canine arsenal, since I live in the city and had never seen them in the area, or recognized them in the movies. I've since met a few (hi Bell and Major) and they dance around and jump a whole lot.

American Eskimo, all white Spitz with a tail curled over their back tightly, and found in many Northern countries. I had an Eskie named Yoder for 14 years, the best Dog I've ever known, we were close friends, and he was so gentle and in touch. I like the Samoyed too, similar in looks to the American Eskimo, but larger.

Afghan Hound, with sleek looks and long hair. I like how thin and tall they are and the long locks on their head, a very original looking Dog. I've never met one, just see their pictures in Dog books, and in TV cartoons like What-A-Mess.

Buck The Briard, with his longer fur and big triangular ears with fur flying off of them. I got into these guys through the Dennis the Menace movie, Ruff was a Briard, and Married With Children's pet Buck was a Briard too, as was Karate Dog with Chevy Chase, apparently; he was clipped to shorter fur.

Yorkshire Terrier, for the sheer cuteness factor. Lots of times these tiny guys are groomed to look anthro, with ribbons and other hair fixings.

Now I have nothing against your favorite character or breed if they're not listed, I probably like any Dog I've ever seen. These are just some of the pooches that have special meanings to me.

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