Early Boomer drawings

Here are some older drawings in pencil and pen. I was just starting to use pen a lot, and I was putting more anthro touches in the pictures, like in the eyes and smiles. Most of these were modeled from pictures I had.

The Afghan Hound is crayon or some greasy black pencil. A tribute to Boomer and Benji, I just liked thinking of them together because they were my favorites. A giant Boom.
Afghan Hound - I think this was done partly in crayon

Boomer and Benji

Boomer, big looking

Boomer drawn from the TV magazine cover, must be one of the early ones with an anthro look in the body. An article I saved about a feral kid who drinks milk from a Dog and acts like one. I loved this article and read it over and over, wondering about the possibilities for Dog people being out there. Duffy, Emily's Dog from the pet show picture.
Early Boomer, pen

Feral boy drinks Dog's milk

Duffy face

'First anthro' is from the drawing I made with a German Shepherd's head on a guy's body that I figured out how to draw. I was bothered by the anthro ideas coming up, and I ripped the head off of the picture, like in a horror movie, and just kept that.. :) I call him Hero the head was from a Hero Dog food ad.

Golden Retriever, done in black pen. With all of the detail, this might have been done a few years after most of the other ones on this page.

Muffin was one of the early Dogs I wanted to transform into

First real anthro

Golden Retriever, pen

A muffin type

Two kissing cartoon pooches, Marmaduke and Farley from the 'For Better Or Worse' comic, a little later in the time period. Samoyed Spitz in pencil. A Sandy from Orphan Annie shaggy Briard type, I believe.
Two anthros kiss

Samoyed face smile :)

Like Sandy from Annie

A mad looking Sheepy, this is early, and I don't know if it was done from a picture source or from memory. Note it's flat looking and doesn't seem to have eye balls.. :) Blue pen Sheepy from a picture. Happy Spaniel with fluffy furry ears.
Pencil Sheepy looks mad

Blue pen Sheepdog

Smiling Spaniel

This Spaniel has a bandanna on, and the face was from some picture, and I improvised on the rest I think. More early anthro.

One of these things is not like the other.. It's the page from the latest art jam with Ric at Starbucks, May 2010.

Terrier type from a Milk Bones Christmas ad. In the original picture I think he might have been holding something in his mouth, and I liked the crooked smile, so it's in the picture.

Spaniel with bandanna on

Latest art jam with Ric

Terrier type, Xmas ad