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Freeform radio - What the leash and collar set does for entertainment

Doggy Radio is a mix of the underground radio sound and free-form FM, with the focus on Dogs. The hosts Boomer The Dog and Ricochet Sheepdog could play almost anything. . . New: Doggy Radio show Blog

Doggy Radio Dr. Phil excerpt 3-24-14 [download]


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A newer audio format for browser play called Opus.

The first break with Ric 9-2-13

Boomer on Dr. Phil

Boomer The Dog will be seen on the Dr. Phil show on tuesday March 25, check local listings in your area. In this Doggy Radio piece we bark about the show and the Furry speculation surrounding it.

Chow for now!

It's just a pen, no big woop

Doggy Radio project staff

Ricochet Sheepdog Ricochet is a long time radio giant. Starting when he was but a pup, and working at several call signs both commercial and college. He's now in Guam like 80% of people that invested in radio school. The good thing is, he's well schooled in how to woof to you on the radio and be entertaining, or something. He does it all for you Rod. The hip people are going to see. Oh yeah, he's an Old English Sheepdog and co-creator of the Doggy Radio programme (which is way too much credit.)
Boomer Boomer The Dog, a Pyrenean Shepherd, lookin' like a mutt, a Dog who desperately wants to be a black, straight physically gay Human, satanic, hispanic tri-sexual ice cream truck driver. ..and exactly how will broadcasting help to achieve those goals?

Pic(ks) of the week

As heard on the show
Tuning in

Drivers in rush hour would tune to AM 690

Domestic Dogs like Daniel Tosh

..but now Dr. Phil is calling

Boomer is an animal



Here's Boomer in his little hat

Busking for views


Busking for views

Sheep look out!

More Nana, the family pet from Peter Pan
Lookin' cute


Zed, Here's Boomer, Zipper
Bergs compared

As heard on some previous show

Wynne Anderson term paper, Pirate Radio

More pictures in the gallery

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