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I've always been in tune with the media, not only to listen and view, but in front of a microphone or camera too. I ran a radio station from my family's basement as a teen pup, to broadcast my thoughts to a waiting world, or at least a few friends from school. I built the station myself, so I could be part of something I loved, AM radio. Broadcasting is an addiction, and so the microphone is no stranger to me. As for the camera, the original Boomer and his work ethic on the set of Here's Boomer is an inspiration to me.

Pictures and videos

Boomer and flowers
Dog suit photo album

Featured videos:

Boomer was on 102.5 WDVE July 5, 2013 for the morning show, pictures
Boomer on the radio

Little video in the studio

Associated Press' take on the name change story 2010 (view on Youtube)

By Benoit Denizet-Lewis, author of the book Travels With Casey. (view Boomer video on Youtube)

"Extreme Anthropomorphism: Boomer the Dog - Producer Wendi Wan's blog

Extreme Anthropomorphism
Wendi's blog - NatGeo

Taboo Boomer segment excerpt (phone video low quality)
Slightly better quality iQ Media ClipPlayer version

News and TV show videos

City Paper talks to Fursonas director and Boomer the Dog

O'Reilly Factor piece 11-6-13, 2 minutes, audio, pictures, transcript. Archived here

Dr. Phil official clip, with Boomer piece excerpt... More clips and details at Dr. Phil's official site.

Jimmy Kimmel with guest Dr. Phil, discussing 'nutty topics' on Dr. Phil's show, and a certain 'Dog'. (On site)

Boomer bit on Jimmy Fallon 3-28-14, with a few seconds of Dr. Phil. (On site)

WCPO-TV Cincinnati, news video on my name change try in 2010

Personal videos

Tycho Aussie and Boomer The Dog Fur convention video by Emerson Collie

My friend Variable recorded me going out for my walk one night

A look inside how my costume was built

A Youtuber's Boomer video mix by MartyrLoserKing

I build Snow Dogs most every year.. Blog about my snow Dog from 2013


Michael Cerio's Boomer Interview audio. Also with video and view on Youtube

Johnny Dare Morning Show from Kansas City interviews Boomer

Boomer interview on Star 100.7 radio Pittsburgh 11-7-13

Interview with Boomer on Virgin Radio, Dubai in the UAE [Station link]

Documentary videos

Feature length documentary Fursonas includes Boomer. Trailer on Youtube. Slamdance Spotlight, Fursonas

Boomer the Dog - American Furry by Ian Altenbaugh

Pictures by others

Paintings by Evil Homer, now who ever has a painting done of them these days?

Boomer, by Evil Homer
"He is barking "My name is BOOMER!", to the judge, to his friends, and to the world."

Newest painting

click for larger
Boomer, by Punchysonichu (Evil Homer)
Here's Boomer by PunchySonichu
click for larger

A comic from Furry Affinity, "Furrent Events"

Furrent Events by Shinokorosha
by Shinokorosha