Dream in real life

When I was in junior high school my teachers and counselors didn't like me to be a Dog very much, so when I drew Dog pictures, so I would write the captions on them in secret code.

One thing I'd write in my notebooks and other places was "Dogs 14 everything," which meant Dogs were number one for everything. Parents or school seeing that would think it was just a car license or a radio station I'd made up.

Another one was "One Way Dog."

To me, One Way Dog meant there was only one way to go, and that was to Canine, like a 'power phrase' to affirm what I was.

A friend and me were going to a record store, Attic Records in Millvale, a town along the river here in Pittsburgh, when I saw a billboard with a Dog on it and snapped a picture. Looking at the gallery of pictures at home I found it was a real life version of the One Way Dog concept -- just by chance!

I guess dreams do come true..

PS: It looks like the mutt is a German Shepherd, and I like how the advertising message is cleverly covered up by the other signs.


Posted on 20 Dec 2017, 5:02 - Category: Here's Boomer
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