Happy Star Wars Day

May 4th has been designated Star Wars Day, based on the comical line, 'May the 4th (Force) be with you.

I found a great culture mashup project done by Palette Swap Ninja that takes The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album and imagines it as the story of the original Star Wars (Episode IV). It took years to make, but it's a quality effort released in time for Star Wars Day and the 40th anniversary of the movie's original release, May 25.

I remember when Star Wars came out and the fever surrounding it, with the TV specials on how the effects were done, and how fans were going to the theater again and again to see it. Kids were talking about it at school a lot, and Dynamite magazine had features on it, including a Chewbacca cover later on.

I saw it once, with my aunt at the Bank Cinemas in downtown Pittsburgh. Of course, Chewbacca became a favorite character of mine for his fuzzy-face appearance and black button nose. For a while I wished that Chewie was my dad.

Chewbacca waves hi

I'd count the image of Chewbacca, furry, Doglike, on two legs, as an early anthro animal connection with me.


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