Snow Dogs

When you hear the phrase Snow Dog, you could think of a Husky, a sled-pulling Dog, but for me, a snow Dog is built from snow, and I try to build one every year.

There's been several inches of snow outside since the middle of the week storm we had. Over night, the temperature started to go up fast, and I got outside a few hours before dawn to start on this year's Dog.

He's a big fella, you could call him a giant breed, and you wouldn't be wrong, as he stands 6 feet tall to the top of the head, probably the biggest snow Dog I've made, or at least the tallest!

I started to build when the temperature was 34 F, now in the day, it's sunny and almost 50, so like Frosty, he's going to be sweating and will melt away, and that's the way it is, like a sand castle, some art is temporary, but lots of fun!

Here are more pictures on my new Snow Dogs page!


Posted on 17 Feb 2017, 20:24 - Category: Here's Boomer
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Posted on 18 Apr 2018, 3:50 by The Electrician
The Electrician Says
I love the snow dog - The Electrician

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