Spent Halloween in Papey

Papey is my Dog costume's name, since he's made from paper.

I just was out for trick-or-treat in my Dog costume, named Papey, since he's made of paper, something I do every year if the weather allows. It was a great time to meet my friends around the neighborhood, give high fives, bark a little, see what everyone was dressed as, and get some treats. Someone even gave me a bone treat for Dogs!

There were a couple of cats, but I didn't see anyone else being a Dog or Werewolf, even characters like Scooby Doo. Someone I thought might be a leopard actually had their face covered in toy 'googly eyes', those little buttons with an eye ball disk that rolls around inside.

I carried a basket, but didn't go up to houses unless folks called me over and wanted to get a picture or for some treats. The idea was get in as much meet and greet as I could with my neighbors while everyone is in the costuming spirit.

So many kids got to see 'the big Doggie' a few yelling 'Boomer!' again and again up and down the street, so that I'd bark. I hope that meeting a big Doggie is a nice experience they'll remember for a while.

It was really cool to meet the big people too, and some know Boomer The Dog from the media or for the big snow Dogs I build in my yard in the winter. Some had waited for me to come out for Halloween even, that was nice, and thanks to all you guys for making it a party!

I spent a little over two hours walking around, and coming home and saw that the neighbors were pulling their car in, so I wanted to see them in Papey, which I hadn't done before.

Their black Labradoodle pooch Racey came out and saw me and didn't know who it was, so he kept on barking and circling around me, so I guess for him it was like a new Dog being around, or he thinks I've really changed into my Canine form and he doesn't like it.. :) Racey knows me well too, we play ball all the time when I'm out in the yard!


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