There's a Spot on the couch

This is Spot, the Dog, and Rachel. Spot is a Human Pup, a Dalmatian, and was featured on a Channel 4 documentary this week on the phenomenon of grown men dressing up as puppy Dogs, to chase balls, play in the park and sleep in kennels sometimes. For the pups it's said to be a form of relaxation, a Canine vacation to get away from the stresses of modern life.

I guess my pun is as good as any, other news sources called it Barking Mad and A Dog's Life.

Here's how I found out about Spot, an article sent by a friend, This Man Spent More Than $5,000 to Dress Up As a Dog

Viewers on "This Morning" TV talk show are shocked to find .. a man who enjoys being treated like a Dog

In depth review of the episode.

Kind of an interesting twist on the 'being a Dog' thing, and another group being built around the idea of being an animal in some way. We have Furries, Bronies, Therians, Otherkin, and now Human pups, with Spot, who is on the more innocent and playful side, though the Human pup scene is supposed to have roots in fetish play that's been tamed over the years.

I've run across some kind of pups before, thinking it was a thing that a few people liked, not knowing that there was more depth to feeling like a Dog in one's soul, and a playful and outgoing public side to it.

Way to go Spot, I think there is a point to mainstreaming the ideas from smaller cultures somewhat, that's so more people can find out about them and enjoy what they have to offer, even if it's just to watch a documentary or read something about them.

I'd play in the park with them, sure!


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