Read more about Fursonas

There's so many articles to read about Fursonas, Dom, the director, has been very busy interviewing!

Mini review and interview in Esquire

Uproxx: "But Fursonas… It’s got levels, man."

Inverse does a well written review, the article that one friend thinks is the best of all the coverage. (a bit graphics heavy)

Had to post this one, if only for the title! There's a link to the interview audio too: 'Fursonas' unzips the complex world of furry fandom Filmmaker and furry Dominic Rodriguez sheds light on the oft-mocked costumed community of furries in a new documentary.

There's video Voodoo afoot, to rent or to own, Fursonas at Vudu

Links from Fursonas Facebook, Dogpatch Press and Poodle search.


Posted on 28 May 2016, 3:37 - Category: Announcements
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