I have an animal obsession on Tuesday

Whew, this is a busy month for me, media wise! It was Tosh.0 last week, and now Dr. Phil is on my tail.. :)

Phil was looking into doing a show about animal lifestyles, and his producers wondered if I was interested in barking my story, and getting the Doctor's opinion on it, so we set it up.

Locally, Dr. Phil airs on CBS KDKA channel 2.1 in Pittsburgh, afternoons at 3 pm, I hope you get a chance to watch it! For other cities, check your TV listings.


Click on Tuesday for a preview.



That's the episode schedule for the week.

It was a fun experience to go out to Hollywood for the show, and I was at Paramount Studios, the same place that my favorite TV Dog Here's Boomer would have been recorded at!


Posted on 23 Mar 2014, 17:04 - Category: Announcements
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