'Barking Mad'

That's what it says on the tin, over at Chat Magazine this week, since they have published my story! Going by the cover they also have a story about a 'Puppy Picasso' painting Dog. It seems that they run a plenty of stories about pets, so I fit right in.

Hopefully I'll get to see the issue, it's a tabloid from the UK, and I don't know if they have an American edition or not. I wish I could be there and see it on the news stand, that would be cool!

Here's the page on the issue, with an overview. http://www.chatmagazine.co.uk/news/current-issue-78/

Chat was nice to work with, woof, and they even checked back after the interview to make sure that the facts of the story were correct.


Posted on 29 Dec 2013, 1:19 - Category: Announcements
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