Wanna blog with a Dog?

Hi and woof woof to everyone, this is Boomer's new blog! Right, the title is a ripoff of a show on Disney called Dog With A Blog, with Stan the blogging Dog. I'm a big fan of that show.

I've been feeling spread out on the net over different sites, and as much as I like to visit my buddies all over, it's good to have a Doghouse of my own to come home to. Blog With A Dog will be a place to bark the latest news first, and the more important stuff here will filter out on to other pages of the site later.

We have a new site mailing address, woofwoofboomer at boomerthedog.net. The name comes from a greeting every time my friend Bruce gives when he's on the phone or at the door, and he says, 'Woof woof Boomer!' Now you can write directly to the site, while the old Yahoo address will still work too, woof.

I drew the Dog at the top of the page in 1986, on one of those tall square notepads like you keep by the phone. I drew several others in the same sitting, but this one seemed to have the most personality, so it's like my 'John Lennon' of quickly drawn portraits.

Tailwags to everyone!


Posted on 24 Dec 2013, 16:53 - Category: Announcements
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