Spent Halloween in Papey

Papey is my Dog costume's name, since he's made from paper.

I just was out for trick-or-treat in my Dog costume, named Papey, since he's made of paper, something I do every year if the weather allows. It was a great time to meet my friends around the neighborhood, give high fives, bark a little, see what everyone was dressed as, and get some treats. Someone even gave me a bone treat for Dogs!

There were a couple of cats, but I didn't see anyone else being a Dog or Werewolf, even characters like Scooby Doo. Someone I thought might be a leopard actually had their face covered in toy 'googly eyes', those little buttons with an eye ball disk that rolls around inside.

I carried a basket, but didn't go up to houses unless folks called me over and wanted to get a picture or for some treats. The idea was get in as much meet and greet as I could with my neighbors while everyone is in the costuming spirit.

So many kids got to see 'the big Doggie' a few yelling 'Boomer!' again and again up and down the street, so that I'd bark. I hope that meeting a big Doggie is a nice experience they'll remember for a while.

It was really cool to meet the big people too, and some know Boomer The Dog from the media or for the big snow Dogs I build in my yard in the winter. Some had waited for me to come out for Halloween even, that was nice, and thanks to all you guys for making it a party!

I spent a little over two hours walking around, and coming home and saw that the neighbors were pulling their car in, so I wanted to see them in Papey, which I hadn't done before.

Their black Labradoodle pooch Racey came out and saw me and didn't know who it was, so he kept on barking and circling around me, so I guess for him it was like a new Dog being around, or he thinks I've really changed into my Canine form and he doesn't like it.. :) Racey knows me well too, we play ball all the time when I'm out in the yard!


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New art from a Boomer buddy

I'm a long time member of a video sharing site called PoeTV, where we watch videos and comment on them. Evil Homer from PoeTV has been following my name change and other Dog things for a while, and painted this picture, going out to those who deny my name.

Thanks Homer, it's very cool! Here's the full size version, my breed the Pyrenean Shepherd.



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But is he a Linux supporter?

Sometimes I find out about others living like animals, and I always find it really interesting, to see how they've done it. This guy from Belgium is a penguin, and has a costume for it too.

Alfred David: Belgian Penguin Man


One of my big interests is radio, I had a station in high school and I'd broadcast my thoughts about music and being a Dog to the neighborhood. It was a great outlet when people in my life didn't understand the Dog stuff.

I've kept my passion for radio, even though today we have the net and can reach out to anyone, and even watch penguins in Belgium.

A small radio station is a good way to reach a local community, so I'm starting a Part-15 AM station and you can hear it in my neighborhood at 690. It's just in beta testing now, but later as things get going, maybe some sound bites from the shows could be posted to my site here.


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Here's Boomer with Barry Nelson

Full size picture here

I'm a big fan of the NBC show Here's Boomer that used to be on TV, and I've collected lots of Here's Boomer stuff over time, since the show means so much to me.

Here's the latest picture in my collection, Here's Boomer with Barry Nelson, from the episode 'The Prince And The Boomer' on October 18, 1981, the picture says on the back.

He's a cute mutt, look at that fuzzy face!


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