Happy Star Wars Day

May 4th has been designated Star Wars Day, based on the comical line, 'May the 4th (Force) be with you.

I found a great culture mashup project done by Palette Swap Ninja that takes The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album and imagines it as the story of the original Star Wars (Episode IV). It took years to make, but it's a quality effort released in time for Star Wars Day and the 40th anniversary of the movie's original release, May 25.

I remember when Star Wars came out and the fever surrounding it, with the TV specials on how the effects were done, and how fans were going to the theater again and again to see it. Kids were talking about it at school a lot, and Dynamite magazine had features on it, including a Chewbacca cover later on.

I saw it once, with my aunt at the Bank Cinemas in downtown Pittsburgh. Of course, Chewbacca became a favorite character of mine for his fuzzy-face appearance and black button nose. For a while I wished that Chewie was my dad.

Chewbacca waves hi

I'd count the image of Chewbacca, furry, Doglike, on two legs, as an early anthro animal connection with me.


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Muffin's cold

We finally got a good snow here in Pittsburgh once this year, as you saw with the snow Dog from last week. I took some outdoor pictures of the snow at night, and my friend JaSonic complimented the quality of the pictures.

I saw a drawing of a Dog named Muffin that I did, with paws crossed so it looks like he's cold, and thought to add it to one of the snow photos and kind of blend it in for a nice effect.

Muffin was done in 1988 with regular pencil on a 8.5 x 17 inch page. I plan to post more of my drawings to the site soon!


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Not a truck driver, a Woofdriver! 'Woofdriving' is Dog sledding on dry land, with wheels on the sled instead of skis. With a small Husky team and pedals on the sled, it's a cool and unique sport.

He makes music videos too, this is one I like, a Motown revue style track with the Woofdivas.


Classy backdrops, and you can see the Huskies there and some Woofdriving too.

I'm impressed with a guy whose life is all about Dogs, and with the huge number of websites dedicated to getting the word out.

More about Woofdriver:



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Snow Dogs

When you hear the phrase Snow Dog, you could think of a Husky, a sled-pulling Dog, but for me, a snow Dog is built from snow, and I try to build one every year.

There's been several inches of snow outside since the middle of the week storm we had. Over night, the temperature started to go up fast, and I got outside a few hours before dawn to start on this year's Dog.

He's a big fella, you could call him a giant breed, and you wouldn't be wrong, as he stands 6 feet tall to the top of the head, probably the biggest snow Dog I've made, or at least the tallest!

I started to build when the temperature was 34 F, now in the day, it's sunny and almost 50, so like Frosty, he's going to be sweating and will melt away, and that's the way it is, like a sand castle, some art is temporary, but lots of fun!

Here are more pictures on my new Snow Dogs page!



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Spent Halloween in Papey

Papey is my Dog costume's name, since he's made from paper.

I just was out for trick-or-treat in my Dog costume, named Papey, since he's made of paper, something I do every year if the weather allows. It was a great time to meet my friends around the neighborhood, give high fives, bark a little, see what everyone was dressed as, and get some treats. Someone even gave me a bone treat for Dogs!

There were a couple of cats, but I didn't see anyone else being a Dog or Werewolf, even characters like Scooby Doo. Someone I thought might be a leopard actually had their face covered in toy 'googly eyes', those little buttons with an eye ball disk that rolls around inside.

I carried a basket, but didn't go up to houses unless folks called me over and wanted to get a picture or for some treats. The idea was get in as much meet and greet as I could with my neighbors while everyone is in the costuming spirit.

So many kids got to see 'the big Doggie' a few yelling 'Boomer!' again and again up and down the street, so that I'd bark. I hope that meeting a big Doggie is a nice experience they'll remember for a while.

It was really cool to meet the big people too, and some know Boomer The Dog from the media or for the big snow Dogs I build in my yard in the winter. Some had waited for me to come out for Halloween even, that was nice, and thanks to all you guys for making it a party!

I spent a little over two hours walking around, and coming home and saw that the neighbors were pulling their car in, so I wanted to see them in Papey, which I hadn't done before.

Their black Labradoodle pooch Racey came out and saw me and didn't know who it was, so he kept on barking and circling around me, so I guess for him it was like a new Dog being around, or he thinks I've really changed into my Canine form and he doesn't like it.. :) Racey knows me well too, we play ball all the time when I'm out in the yard!


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