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What's up guys! Tosh checked in with me to see what's going on in the Doghouse lately. It was lots of fun and if you missed it, see his site for a clip,

Doggin' it with Tosh at Comedy Central

Bigger blog about my adventure!

Photo thanks to Taylor, thanks!

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There's a Spot on the couch

This is Spot, the Dog, and Rachel. Spot is a Human Pup, a Dalmatian, and was featured on a Channel 4 documentary this week on the phenomenon of grown men dressing up as puppy Dogs, to chase balls, play in the park and sleep in kennels sometimes. For the pups it's said to be a form of relaxation, a Canine vacation to get away from the stresses of modern life.

I guess my pun is as good as any, other news sources called it Barking Mad and A Dog's Life.

Here's how I found out about Spot, an article sent by a friend, This Man Spent More Than $5,000 to Dress Up As a Dog

Viewers on "This Morning" TV talk show are shocked to find .. a man who enjoys being treated like a Dog

In depth review of the episode.

Kind of an interesting twist on the 'being a Dog' thing, and another group being built around the idea of being an animal in some way. We have Furries, Bronies, Therians, Otherkin, and now Human pups, with Spot, who is on the more innocent and playful side, though the Human pup scene is supposed to have roots in fetish play that's been tamed over the years.

I've run across some kind of pups before, thinking it was a thing that a few people liked, not knowing that there was more depth to feeling like a Dog in one's soul, and a playful and outgoing public side to it.

Way to go Spot, I think there is a point to mainstreaming the ideas from smaller cultures somewhat, that's so more people can find out about them and enjoy what they have to offer, even if it's just to watch a documentary or read something about them.

I'd play in the park with them, sure!


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Read more about Fursonas

There's so many articles to read about Fursonas, Dom, the director, has been very busy interviewing!

Mini review and interview in Esquire

Uproxx: "But Fursonas… It’s got levels, man."

Inverse does a well written review, the article that one friend thinks is the best of all the coverage. (a bit graphics heavy)

Had to post this one, if only for the title! There's a link to the interview audio too: 'Fursonas' unzips the complex world of furry fandom Filmmaker and furry Dominic Rodriguez sheds light on the oft-mocked costumed community of furries in a new documentary.

There's video Voodoo afoot, to rent or to own, Fursonas at Vudu

Links from Fursonas Facebook, Dogpatch Press and Poodle search.


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Fursonas online release!

It's been so much fun seeing the movie being shown at film festivals and furry conventions, and now it's on Apple's iTunes for viewing by a wider audience. Here's what it says on iTunes' Plot Summary:

"Approaching a community filled with so many rumors and misconceptions is no easy task. Fursonas director Dominic Rodriguez is not without his own biases, but instead of attempting to deny this fact, he faces it head on, unafraid to be shot down by his subjects. Fursonas is a whistleblower film that oscillates between the fantastic and the unusual, with moments of awe and wonder slapped against harsh reality. The audience can delight in infiltrating the fun and sometimes-dark secrets of an escapist group. .."

Read more and check it out:

Official site:

It was lots of fun to be in this movie, and now seeing it come alive.


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Radio interview tonight

Tonight, midnight 1-9-15, I'm scheduled for an interview on the Bruce Collins Show. It's on WWPR in Tampa Florida, and also heard a stream from that station, and a podcast later.

That's the schedule, and to the right of the page is a link to listen.

The show is also on Tune In, "THIS FRIDAY 1/9–Guest: Patrick Lee and Boomer the Dog– Join us ‘live’ Friday at midnight eastern time:"

Courtesy Fringe Radio Network, here's the Boomer segment podcast where the podcast should appear after the show is done airing.

Check it out!


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