Boomer's Web Redemption

If you didn't get to see Tosh, please do so, it was a lot of fun, and I got to woof my story and answer critics on line through his 'Web Redemption' segment. Here's an uncensored, longer version of the interview:

Tosh.0 Boomer extended interview

Johnny Dare's morning show from Kansas City interviewed me before the Tosh airing, have a listen at:

Johnny has been following my name change story, and he likes Dogs too, Johnny has a Blue Heeler mix pooch.

I also did my own radio broadcast to promote the Tosh show, thanks for tuning your radios to the Dog frequency, 690 AM radio, and also for your visits to my Dog house, letting me know you saw the show, and for some pictures to claim the 25 k reward for finding Boomer.. :) I even had the chance to meet someone who is going to college for broadcasting and saw the show.

If you have a band or do some kind of radio show, get in touch so we can get you on the air on 690, see the e-mail address on the front page at the bottom.


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Getting the neighborhood ready for Tosh

I did a little promotion for my appearance, holding a sign at the corner and walking around in my Dog costume, with my AM radio station announcing the show to drivers who would tune in the frequency.

Thanks to all who watched Tosh!


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Tosh.0 tuesday March 18

Boomer is going to be appearing on Tosh.0 later today!

Tosh is a real net-head who shows his favorite funny videos, and has internet celebrities come on the show for a 'web redemption' to explain themselves to fans and have a little fun.

Tosh is on Comedy Central at 10 pm Tuesdays, and here's a preview of my segment:

Hope you watch, and let me know how you like it!


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But is he a Linux supporter?

Sometimes I find out about others living like animals, and I always find it really interesting, to see how they've done it. This guy from Belgium is a penguin, and has a costume for it too.

Alfred David: Belgian Penguin Man

One of my big interests is radio, I had a station in high school and I'd broadcast my thoughts about music and being a Dog to the neighborhood. It was a great outlet when people in my life didn't understand the Dog stuff.

I've kept my passion for radio, even though today we have the net and can reach out to anyone, and even watch penguins in Belgium.

A small radio station is a good way to reach a local community, so I'm starting a Part-15 AM station and you can hear it in my neighborhood at 690. It's just in beta testing now, but later as things get going, maybe some sound bites from the shows could be posted to my site here.


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2014 and a look back

Bigger: Holiday Dog for you

I hope that you had a nice holiday and a great 2013, wee! 2013 was a pretty cool year, I met some new friends, and was on Taboo with an old one, Ron, who had introduced me to the net and Furries in the late 1990s, and has always been cool with me being a Dog.

I met Hans, German filmmaker with RTL TV who did a piece, cool guy! Did you see that story? I haven't.. I even got to go to LA for some filming, and more, and it's fun to be doing so many things, but mostly it was just great to know that people are getting something from my Dog story, even if it's just a few laughs.. :)

Student filmmakers from Point Park College filmed with me last year as part of a documentary on the Furry scene. They made a short pitch film, and now through the Sprout Fund, they've gotten a $10,000 grant to help expand their movie into a feature film! Way to go, Dom and crew!

The movie is called Fursonas, more info here:

I found out through a Furry news site called Flayrah that Dr. Phil's TV show is looking into doing a piece with Furry people. If you like going to conventions and animal costuming, this might be for you,

Lots of woofie news, see you next time!


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