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My entry in the Dog Snow this year | Blog With A Dog, February 8, 2013

Return of the classic, I try to do one every year

I wait for this every winter, several inches of new snow on the ground and warming temperatures. It usually happens in the early part of the new year when heavier snow comes.

Yesterday the sun came out, icicles started to fall off of the roof, the house made creaking noises, and my pet toad came out from under her mound of dirt, so I knew it was getting warm without even stepping outside.

Snow Dog one I've made snow Dogs since I was in high school. I don't know what put the idea in my head, because I never really made snow men much, I'd rather throw snow or go sledding in it, or go out in my flat bottom shoes and skate along the sidewalks.

The first pooch I ever did was a giant snow Mr. Sheepdog, a statue of the real live shaggy buddy I had at the time. I rolled two snow balls as big as I could for the front and back leg areas, then added a head part. I actually used spray paint for the black parts of the ears, since I needed something that would stick to snow, and that's what I had. It did the job and helped create the look.

This latest actually looks a bit like that first snow Dog, a big heavy looking rounded Sheepdog type, except with a more stylized, show Dog look. I rolled two balls together, then built up the saddle part, and added the head.

Snow Dog 2 I started on it at about 2:30 in the afternoon and was done 3 hours later as the sun was going down, and I finished by putting a spotlight on it so that folks can see it at night. So far he doesn't have a name.

I enjoy working on the snow Dogs, it's fun to create them, and it gets a lot of attention from people passing by, they stop to take pictures, or just snap them as they're going past. Cameras are going at all hours too, I saw someone driving past slowly with their camera phone's photo light on at 9:30 pm.

Earlier, two guys in a truck pulled over and wanted a photo taken when the Dog was only half done, so I was in the picture with the Dog and one of the guys, who said it had been so long since he made a snowman himself. I like that it can get people to remember fun things they did, and I hope that he went home and made his own creature. He also said I must be some kind of an artist, and I barked that I draw and I made a Dog costume.

One mom with a couple of kids in the car asked if I was a sculptor, and I barked, 'Well yeah, at least with snow I am' I barked for them, and before she moved along she asked me to bark again, so I did, rrruff! Snow Dog 2

Another guy came by with his SLR camera and took a few pictures, and said he got a picture last year too. The neighbor from across the street came over with his young boy who had a Jake the Pirate sword. Even with the sword, he was afraid of the big Doggie and wouldn't get close to it for the picture his dad wanted.

That's another cool thing, I get to meet neighbors I don't see as often. See you at the next snow Dog guys!


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